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Things I Want to Remember: New Zealand

- Devonport, walking around on volcanic rock, seeing the kids point out the crabs in the small tide pools

- beer fridge in the local wine & beer shop, picking out some local beers that sounded good based on advice from the knowledgeable cashier/liquor connoisseur, putting back the seasonal coconut & vanilla porter after I was advised it tasted like an "impressive pile of mediocrity" . . . I like that phrase . . . I instead went for a brew with "mutant hops" that made an IPA take on a lemony flavor, or at least that's what I was told

- rental car, driving on the left side of the road, different than Uganda, struggling each time with roundabouts

- Squids restaurant in Whitianga, sharing my Tuatara London Porter with the Australian man in the table next to me, talking of wine and beers, sulfites and additives and good wine versus bad wine, his shocked expression as he found out I did not try any of the wines in Portugal, feeling as though I have missed out on an experience I should have enjoyed, vowing to try an expensive wine based on his suggestion

- Hobbiton, beautiful weather, sheep throughout, drinking the Southfarthing Stout at the Green Dragon Inn, walking around the Shire, imaging what it would have looked like at night all lit up, picking up extra beers to share with friends at home

- collecting shells among Buffalo Road

- sweet Max from Germany, offering a ride before he asks, an unexpected 45 km journey to Coromandel, climbing to the lookout point along the way and thinking, "European hitchhikers are so trusting" and being humored by it, dropping him off and declining the offer for gas money, driving the windy roads towards the shire, listening to the themes from James Bond, Mission Impossible, and Jaws, thinking how incredibly fitting the music was for a windy road along a rocky sea, shaded by trees and cliffs

- relaxing with Talulah and Keith, hearing of Keith's intrigue for Woodstock and his love of 70's music, laughing as he played Christie's "San Bernardino" on YouTube for me to experience, him handing me a book of his poems, discussing sobriety and family dynamics

- walking around the Redwoods, sunlight through the trees, leaves that look like tissue paper, crunch of the ground, feeling guilty seeing them before my mother makes it to Northern California

- waving at the fisherman in the purple poncho at the base of the mount as I made my way around the extinct volcano, both of us laughing for no clear reason, pure shellshells beneath my feet between the volcanic rocks, learning later of the details of the boy Jack Dixon who I saw represented in shell letters across the earth and by his Batman and Lego toys hanging from the tree

- a simple dinner of lemon pepper tuna and sweet vine peppers on Ohope Beach, an almost disorienting landscape of rippled sand with scattered bits of driftwood, walking to the water and remembering those in my life who I've revealed different bits of myself to, not regretting my decisions to be forthcoming

- driving along field after field full of sheep and cow, lazy grazing between mature trees, thinking "I'm pretty sure happy cows are from New Zealand, not California", then coming up behind a station wagon with a dog who I would have sworn was smiling at me

- the worst attack dog in the world, who greeted me in, immediately gave me her belly to rub, wanted to play, then spent the rest of the evening sleeping on the couch and licking herself as I settled in to my room and took a shower

- driving through one of many gorges, this time on my way to Wellington, where the curves made the rolling sides of the gorge appear to fan away, one by one, to reveal the afternoon sky, which slowly turned from vibrant blue to yellow streaks, to the vanilla sky I have come to love and crave, then vibrant pink and lastly, husky purple before twinkling with stars

- driving through the town named after the person on my mind at that very moment, finding many of the services of the town fit my needs at the moment, smiling at the irony as I drove away

- munching on a pistachio raspberry ice cream sugar cone coated in white chocolate during intermission of The Pitmen Painters, examining the pottery and photography in the lobby, thinking of MICA and how I am terrified to paint now after being labeled a "waste of time" at art college, reminding myself that this fear means I must paint again

- the restaurant Afrika's Ethiopian night, listening to African music, enjoying the decor, long conversation with Sean at the counter about cooking (salt, sugar, bitter, and acid) and learning of his attempts for a chocolate restaurant and a cool salad business and a "proper" German sausage food car, long conversation and free South African beer as I sat at the counter

- coffee with John on his porch, listening to planes fly overhead, seeing him squint in the bright sun despite sunglasses as he smoked his hand rolled cigarette, talking of his dreams to drive across Route 66 in an Impala before he's 30, wanting to do it alone because "it's a man thing, see?"

- Wellington, so much like San Francisco

- black sand beach for the first time in Mokau

- conversation with Shirley in the morning, coffee and fruit and oatmeal, toast with bits of blackberry jam, the cat and kittens, her dog Bella, her blue eyes lighting up saying, "Yes, I can hear the excitement in my voice, didn't realize I was so enthusiastic about travel", discussing differences in Americans

- Waitomo, the glowworm caves, the song of our guide, the flute he played, the silence with faint water drips in the background, seeing the glowworms web dangles

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