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Things I Want to Remember: New York and Pennsylvania

- touching the cool steel exterior of my ONT-PHX plane directly on the painted heart logo of Southwest Airlines, smiling, loving that now there was a heart to aim for & connect with rather than simple scratched paint, appreciating how the outside of a plane always feels cool & solid, knowing that soon the door will be closed and the cool exterior will be against the clouds and full air of the sky

- the little boy on the ground of the Phoenix airport, playing loudly with his action figures strewn across the black leather seats. Appreciating his battle scene as it played out, realizing how incredibly long it has been since I've seen a child in public whose attention was held by something non-electronic

- talking late at night with Arlyn and Brandon, laughing about how Clare & I thought they were home and were respectfully whispering. Seeing them cuddle up and watch Wes Anderson films, smiling, appreciating the positive energy of their home

- petting and cuddling with their puppies Preston & Duke, with Preston choosing Clare and jumping on her lap for attention. Missing my Bella-baby

- munching on banana pudding late at night, appreciating the full flavor and texture

- Hedwig. John Cameron Mitchell. Clare calling out "His eyes!!" as we got close enough to Belasco Theatre to see his glitter make-up on the large mock-ups. Seeing the car wash, watching him touch the hands of his fans, seeing him hug them. Laughing at the unscripted lines such as when his mic cord became tangled, impressed with the set and the music. Goosebumps. Feeling on fire, letting go of inhibition and allowing the tears to come. Appreciating this man . . . performer, artist, singer, writer, director . . . perform a story I had seen a million times over on film and via shadowcast troupe. Realizing this was special.

- seeing Sandy after so many years, sitting in a trendy historic restaurant with brick walls, Ikea sparkling lamps, historic paintings and drawings in ornate frames, sitting in an elevated wooden booth, and catching up. Remembering Baltimore and MICA, recalling the smell of gesso in the halls. Eating Korean bibimbap for the first time, discussing possibly visiting Hawaii, feeling hopeful.

- the lanterns of the Disney Store, an illuminated escalator, beautiful soft glow in the middle of a chaotic intersection of commerce

- arriving on the train in NYC from New Jersey, climbing to ground level and seeing the light, thinking "I'm here again, in NYC, where I want to be" and feeling my fantasy of east coast living renewed

- enthusiasm for NYC increasing, learning of lottery tickets for shows, discussing the rental process with Sandy and my AirBNB hosts, picturing a small studio one day being in my future

- Kathy, laughing that I find NYC relaxing, talking at the bar about New York people and attitudes, hearing of her excitement to see Marilyn Manson, seeing her sketches, textiles, & fun bags

- seeing a chunk of the Berlin Wall, the irony of seeing a piece of Berlin after Hedwig not being lost on either Clare or myself

- the 9/11 Memorial, seeing the large pools for the first time with the infinite water, overwhelmed by the names and the heaviness of remembrance, seeing more than the Twin Towers were remembered, feeling overcome, recalling staying home from school that day in 2001 to watch the news coverage on what was happening in our country

- the NYC subway, appreciating the efficiency, sometimes orange-red tiles with a touch of grime, other times ornate mosaics, cleaner than I remembered from my childhood, feeling connected to the people of the city, comfortable with the navigation a smart phone and a map provides, riding along the multitrack and seeing an illuminated train beside us going at a slightly slower pace, people watching from my moving seat Some reading, others sleeping, some talking. A speeding illumination in the dark tunnel, a fellow train that may have been our own reflection, wanting more of this experience

- walking around Central Park, seeing various benches dedicated in memory of people and wondering who they were and what was their life story. Remembering the horse and buggy ride taken with my family when I was a child, not being able to recall if we walked around the park at that time

- to New Jersey from the city, the bottleneck crowds pushing just as Clare warned they would be, finding seats and relaxing in the warmth of the train, watching the snow fall lightly outside, adding to the soft white clumps already settled on the tree branches and rounded bushes

- the jubilant diner, music playing, one man laughing and shouting "Sexual harassment!" as the older waitress grabbed his waist to make her way around, her laughing and responding "Now, isn't it funny how much less you mind stuff like that as you get older?", a smile and "Absolutely" in response. A refill of hot coffee, sipping slowly and people watching out the icy window, leaving a good tip and a note to the staff saying thanks for creating a positive vibe

- waddling down the street with my large metal medicine cabinet, huffing & puffing up the steps to Clare's apartment, collapsing on the couch to catch my breath, waiting to recoup before heading out again, feeling energized despite the cold and exhaustion

- flipping through Clare's book of Mary Blair's Golden Books illustrations, getting lost in the whimsical paintings with black backgrounds and starry skies, remembering how much I love her work

- the Death Becomes Her exhibit at the Met, yellow and purple mourning clothes alongside those created with black cloth, the gray wedding dress from a woman who was married during the Civil War and didn't feel a white dress was proper when so many had passed

- laughing and good conversation at Ooka with Clare and Russ, becoming stuffed on sushi and edamame, cracking up over simple jokes of hot & spicy rolls and various other fish-related come-on's

- the airport security woman with the round joyful face and strongly-controlled blonde hair telling me that she loved my hair, advising me not to cut it and confiding that when she was younger she would encourage her friends with beautiful hair to cut theirs so she would be the prettier one, assuring me that she was no longer that way and re-emphasizing, "Do NOT cut it!". Later passing by a security guard who recognized me from an earlier interaction, him saying "I never forget a pretty face!" Me responding, "Wow, I like going through security in Philadelphia. I'm told I have pretty hair and a pretty face. I'll take it."

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